Dr Ellen Snowden Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area
Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area by Dr Ellen Snowden

Dr. Ellen Snowden has had the pleasure of working for several successful fertility clinics and the one that stands out is the Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area. Dr Ellen Snowden Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area is excites to offer amazing insight and testimonials of patients at the Dublin center. Please read below why patients have been successful with at IVF doctors at Dublin. If you re looking for more information about Dr Ellen Snowden Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area, please email ellen@drellensnowden.com

Dr Ellen Snowden Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area

Featured Success Story

“First of all, I am sitting here with my 6 week old son while his twin sister is resting in the other room after just one IVF treatment!  Mine is a success story…

My first meeting with Dr Ellen Snowden inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area inside with my husband and I met with Dr. Snowden, Judy (financial coordinator) and Jodie (nurse practitioner and soon to be best friend for the next 3 months) and left after 2 hours with a very clear picture of the protocol, finances and friendliness of the staff.  I felt I could trust them with a very difficult treatment and I was proven correct.  This was very different from my 3 other consults with other IVF clinics in the Bay Area.

Dr. Snowden has been through the infertility struggles so she has great understanding and compassion for how difficult it can be, yet she is also very professional and wise medically.  She was wonderful about answering ALL of our questions and really paying close attention to our needs and requests.  Even when I ran into some unexpected bumps in the road with my reproductive health, she  confidently adjusted her approach and always stayed positive.

Judy helped us find the right financial plan which happened to be the first time, low-income plan and connected us with a company who subsidizes some of the most expensive medication for first time, low-income IVF couples.  

And in honor of saving the best for last, Jodie was phoneminal at taking care of us through all the steps of the procedures.  Jodie answered every single question throughout the whole process clearly and confidently and if she wasn’t sure, she would ask Dr. Snowden (which was rare.)  I always left the office with clear written instructions and clear verbal explanations on what to do at home.  She answered emails and phone calls promptly and was always friendly and positive.

The office is warm and friendly both environmentally and staff wise.   Dr Ellen Snowden Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area itself is relatively new, but all the staff have years of experience together in other incarnations.  Dr. Snowden used to practice with the Shir Institute, but decided to branch out on her own to give more personal care.  I never felt like a number, I was always greeted by my first name when I walked through the front door.  I also very much appreciated their connections with acupuncture as part of the treatment plan.  I received an acupuncture treatment in their office the day of the embryo transfer to help my body embrace my 2 embies well.  Those 2 embies turned into 2 beautiful, healthy full term babies 🙂 I couldn’t ask for more than that!”   – Ari A. El Sobrante, CA

If you are looking for a leading IVF doctor Dr Ellen Snowden Inside Dublin Fertility Clinic Bay Area is the right place to have a new baby.

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